Make your business trip to Istanbul a vacation

Make your business trip to Istanbul a vacation
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Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, has always been a crossroads between Europe and Asia and has been part of different empires throughout its history. For this reason, in the eyes of the European visitor, the city appears traditional and at the same time modern, familiar and yet exotic.

If you have the opportunity to came here on a business trip you should know that you have plenty of things to do. And you have all the right ingredients to mix business with pleasure. Here is a list of thing you can do.

Visit the Grand Bazaar

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has more than 3000 shops (but some say they are even 5000), so there is plenty of choice. Remember to bargain on the price, do not be shy thinking of being a stingy figure, for Istanbul shopkeepers it is part of their culture and there is nothing strange.

Visit the Blue Mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the most famous and most visited site in Istanbul. The name derives from over 20,000 blue tiles that adorn the dome and its walls. Even if the mosque is still in operation, it is possible to visit it inside.

Bosphorus excursion

If you do not have many days to see all that Istanbul offers, the Bosphorus cruise is a great way to take a look at the main points of interest in the city: you will sail next to the Dolmabahce Palace, the Maiden tower, the beautiful villas and the flower gardens. You can also sail along the Corno D’Oro until you reach the Black Sea.

Smoke the shisha (also called Hookah)

Water pipes are very popular in Istanbul and even if you are non-smoker, it would be a pity not to try it, here it is almost a status symbol. The tobacco used for Shisha is a flavored tobacco with various flavors: lemon and mint, apple, grapes or orange.

Discover the Turkish cuisine

Istanbul is not the ideal destination for those who want to stay on a diet, simply because you can’t resist the delicacies of Turkish cuisine. You should definitely eat the famous kebab and the baklava that consists of layers of filo pastry (a variety of puff pastry) buttered and stuffed with walnuts, pistachios and dried fruit before being baked and then soaked in a syrup of sugar and lemon, sometimes honey, and with the addition of spices.

Experience the night life

In Istanbul, having fun is a must thanks to the many and varied neighborhoods where you can find bars, clubs and discos where you can spend an evening of real fun.A great way to start the evening is to do it in one of the many rooftop bars offering not only good food and a selection of local and international drinks, but also spectacular views. Then, be sure to attend a live Turkish concert. Many bars offer live music until the early hours of the morning and the Turks love it. In this unique atmosphere, people will stand up and start dancing and singing while others clap their hands in encouragement. Do not miss the opportunity to experience a real Turkish night! You can enjoy all the fun stuff with an istanbul escort that will surly show you what it means to have a great time in Istanbul.

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